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Garment Care Instructions

Below, you will find essential advice to ensure your garments are always looking and performing their best.

How should I clean my garments?

Machine wash cold (30°C) to preserve the quality of the fabric.

Wash garments after every use to avoid stains and odours.

Ensure all zips are secured, buttons are undone, and garments are turned inside out before washing. Separate your laundry by colour and refrain from overloading the washing machine for optimal cleaning.

Do not use bleach.

Is it safe to tumble dry my garments?

Do not tumble dry, as it poses a significant risk of shrinkage and damage to any printed areas. Instead, gently reshape your garments while damp and allow them to dry naturally in the air.

What is the recommended method to iron my garments?

Under no circumstances should you iron directly over prints. To prevent any potential damage, always iron garments inside out at the lowest possible heat setting.

For best results, use a steam iron or place a damp cloth between the garment and the iron to prevent the formation of shiny marks.

Are there any other care tips I should follow?

For persistent stains, applying a stain remover prior to washing is crucial. Use fabric softener with restraint, as its excessive use can degrade the fabric's performance.

To avoid fading, it's critical to store your garments in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.

If you find yourself with more questions or in need of further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our primary goal is to support you in keeping your kit in optimal condition.

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