Macron 4 The Planet
 comprises a series of initiatives that the company is undertaking to promote greater environmental sustainability. All the areas of the company are affected by this “green” attitude, from the production of the goods all the way through to their distribution.

A conscious choice that starts from the creation of high-quality garments, designed to last a long time while maintaining their technical characteristics unchanged. Offering high-quality products that last over time means producing better and less: reducing energy consumption, harmful emissions and not wasting resources.

One of the core initiatives is the production of an increasing number of garments in Eco-Fabric, 100% of which comes from recycled plastic and has been certified by Global Recycled Standard. For example, for the production of a shirt, 13 half-litre plastic bottles are recycled. Efforts have also been made in optimising and modifying the materials used in packaging by making a significant reduction in paper usage and utilising 100% certified recycled plastic for polybags.



Macron Eco Fabrics are made with a thread which is 100% PET recycled polyester and is certified by Global Recycle Standard.

PET is a material made of oil or natural gas and can be 100% recycled, thus returning in the market in the form of new eco-sustainable products. In particular, the PET gathered after its first use is reduced in 2 mm chips and subsequently treated in order to obtain a thread that guarantees the same performance of a virgin thread. The thread does not lose its original characteristics during its treatment and for this reason may be repeatedly recycled. Last but not least, compared to virgin polyester, the PET recycled polyester has the advantage of requiring less energy during the production chain. For each produced shirt, 13 0.5 l bottles are recycled.