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WRU / Macron Voucher Scheme

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If you are one of the lucky clubs to receive a WRU / Macron voucher well done! Below is a list of information to get you started. 


1. Downloading The App


To dive in and start creating your bespoke kit you can download our easy-to-use app that will give you everything you need to start creating your bespoke kit.


Follow the links below to download the correct version for your device.


Macron Custom App (Android Download)



Macron Custom App (Apple Download)



If you do not have a smartphone then you can go to and use the custom app from a laptop, PC or MAC.


Once you've downloaded the app you can start designing your new kit!



2. Choose Your Sport


Start by tapping the Rugby section. Please allow a short amount of time for the required information to download to your device (This will depend on your connection speed). 




3. Select Your Garment


Next, you can choose a garment to customise (We recommend starting with the jersey).



Note: Please refer to the catalogue you were sent for the cost and a list of the garments you can use


The jerseys are broken down into 7 categories:







Standard Body Fit





Standard Slim Fit






Entry Level



Entry Level +









The shorts are broken down into 2 categories:











4. Customise Your Kit


You can choose multiple colour combinations to suit your clubs brand requirements.



Note: Colours tagged with an asterix (*) are "Brilliant" colours and are not fluorescent


You can also choose a number of pre-made designs to suit your requirements with the same level of control over the colour.




5. Adding Logos


To add a logo, with the shirt selected tap the icon as shown below.



Once selected, you have a full range of tools at your disposal in order to add your loss to the garments. Here is how each option functions:


1. Artwork preview box. View how your artwork looks.


2. Upload. Use this button to upload your artwork (The artwork will need to be saved on your device to upload to the app).


3. Move your selected artwork around the shirt.


4. Select which parts of the background you would like to remove from your image. Tap the section of the image you would like to remove.


5. Automatically tries to remove all of the background from an image (e.g. If you have a sponsor logo with a white background it will try to remove it for you). Tap the image to activate.


6. Remove the selected Artwork


7. Switch from the front of the shirt to the back


8. Tap the area you would like to add your artwork to.


9. This allows you to upload multiple files to the same area. Select the layer you want and then upload a new piece of artwork.




6. Save Your Design


After you have finished your design it is time to create your team and save your design. To do this tap the grey tab in the bottom left of the screen to expand the team menu. You can then tap the + button and enter your team's details.



Once you have confirmed your team's details you can tap the new team icon and then tap the + icon to save your creation to your team.




7. Send Your Design


After you have finished creating your design you will then have to send it to us for approval. To do this first tap the grey bar in the bottom left and select your team.

Next press the button highlighted in the image below.



After you've done that you need to select the kit you would like to send by tapping the garments and then hit the export button highlighted below.



Finally, you can hit the export button again on the new menu that's popped up and you can choose to send it to your sales representative.




8. Free Draw


If you would like complete control over the design of your kit then you can email your sales representative and we will create a custom design for you. If you would like to do this then we will need the following information:


Style of jersey (selected from the catalogue).

Club badge.

Club colours.

Photo of your current kit or a photo of a kit you like the design of if you would like us to replicate something you've seen.



9. Finalising Your Design


After you've sent the artwork directly to your sales representative. We can finalise your design by adding any additional sponsor logos, club badge and you can ask any questions about the design and process. We will then produce a final drawing for you to approve if needed.


Note: If you are having trouble designing your kit using the app then feel free to get in touch with your sales representative and we can assist you with any issues you are having.


9. Ordering Your Kit


Once your design has been signed off by your club and ourselves we will then be able to place the order for you or give you any further information needed to help with the process. 





Q: Can we have sponsors on the shirts?


A: Yes. Once a Voucher has been issued you will be put in touch with a contact at your local Macron store who can advise further.


Q: How will we know what sizes to order / can we get samples?


A: Once your Voucher has been issued, you will be put in contact with the local Macron store. They will be able to advise around sizing.


Q: We already have a kit for the 21/22 season – can we use the Voucher to purchase training wear?


A: The majority of the value of any Voucher issued under the Scheme must be used for playing kit. However, it may be possible to use part of a Voucher to purchase training wear.


If any Club seeks to order items that are not playing kit, such as training wear, as part of an order with Macron when redeeming any Voucher issued under the Scheme, the ability of a Club to redeem the value of a Voucher to purchase items that are not playing kit shall be determined by Macron at its sole discretion.



Q: Can we work with Macron to create a kit that matches our colours and patterns?


A: Yes. Once the Vouchers have been issued you will be put in touch with a contact at your local Macron store who can advise further.


Q: What is the maximum number of jerseys/shorts/socks allocated to each team?


A: The Scheme is based around the provision of a Voucher that will have a specific monetary value attached to purchase playing kit - rather than items of kit being allocated directly to your Club.


Q: What are the ordering deadlines and when will the kit be delivered?


A: You must contact your Macron store representative by 17:00 on Friday 9th April to order your playing kit. Your Macron Store representative will work with you in order to ensure that your playing kit is created to your Club’s specific requirements and delivered in a timely manner ahead of the 21/22 season.


If you fail to contact your Macron store representative by this date, there is no guarantee that your order will be fulfilled by 21/22 season.  


Q: What is the value of my Voucher?


A: The value of your Voucher depends on how many Teams you have requested Vouchers for based upon the offer. The Voucher value will be confirmed once you have signed up for the Scheme and will be a minimum of £1500.


Q: Where is my nearest Macron store?


A: You can find us at: Unit 7, Macron Store Cardiff, Fairfield Industrial Estate, Gwaelod-y-Garth, Cardiff, CF15 8LA


Q: Where can I get the prices of kit and leisure items?


A: You can request a brochure by emailing your sales representative provided in the voucher.